Allocating For Impact: Subject Paper for CIOs and Investment Managers from the Social Impact Investment Taskforce

September 2014
Bridges Ventures
We are pleased to present a new subject paper, authored by Clara Barby (Birdges IMPACT+) and Mads Pederson (UBS) as part of the Asset Allocation Working Group’s contributions to the work of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce. 
The report provides a framework for including impact investments across a balanced investment portfolio, without compromising the financial goals and fiduciary responsibilities of Chief Investment Officers and investment managers. It is also makes concrete recommendations for how policymakers can enable capital markets to act to solve a variety of social and environmental issues. This is with particular reference to solving problems on a global scale, and how impact investment can find its place in an institutional portfolio.
It is highlighted that Chief Investment Officers and Investment Managers should recognise that a diversified and thoughtful allocation to impact investments can fit with their fiduciary responsibilities. The paper also presents implications for policymakers and makes recommendations for further action. 
Chaired by Harvey McGrath, the Working Group includes leading thinkers in finance and impact investment, with representatives across sectors and geographies and with a diversity of perspectives.

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