Financial Planners as Catalysts for Social Investment (2012)

This report is focused on understanding how social investment opportunities may be considered by the segment of the UK wealth management sector that provides regulated investment advice to retail clients. This includes those making personal recommendations in relation to a designated investment and to firms that manage investments of clients of mid net worth and high net worth, as well as ultra-high net worth.

The objective is to help accelerate the flows of capital into social investment products by understanding the requirements for distributing product solutions via this sector and identifying any barriers.

This is the first time in the UK that a research project has focused wholly on the relationship between the social investment sector and the investment adviser marketplace. The intention is that this evidence-based work provides the opportunity for stakeholders to deliver a substantiated message of value and coherent strategy to three main groups:

1. Those providing regulated investment advice to clients, including the profession's FSA accredited bodies.
2. The social investment intermediaries designing product solutions.
3. The influencing and decision-making bodies such as regulators and government.

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  • Philanthropy stats & trends
  • Social investment