A Funder Conundrum

September 2012
Association of Charitable Foundations
The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund,


"This report provides an independent, external view of how the Fund has worked since its inception in 1997, with an in-depth focus on the past five years. We wanted to find a way to explore the choices that we
have made, provide examples of our successes and failures, and compare our approach with that of other funders and philanthropists.
The study does not attempt to measure everything that the Fund has done. Rather, it provides a flavour of how the Fund went about trying to achieve social change. The name of the report, A Funder Conundrum, highlights some of the choices and dilemmas faced by funders and philanthropists. We hope it is useful for others who are seeking to achieve social change, and that our experiences enable readers to reflect on what they are aiming for, as well as considering the range of strategies that they might adopt to tackle persistent social problems."
Dr. Astrid Bonfield, Chief Executive, The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund 
Sir Roger Singleton, Chair of Board of Directors, The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund


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