Giving back to communities of residence and origin (2013)

April 2013
Alliance Publishing Trust
Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy at Cass Business School

Based on the spending habits of more than 63,000 households, this study found that 42% of UK households who send money overseas also give to British charities, compared to just 29% of the general UK population.

Five per cent of households in the UK send money overseas, it says. Among these households, overseas remitting is worth an average of £31 a week, or 3.9% of household budget. Charitable giving represents around 1.6% of donor household budgets in the UK. Based on the spending habits of more than 63,000 households, the study reveals that remittances and donations are often made at considerable personal cost. Over one tenth of households who sent money overseas were at risk of poverty, surviving on a typical weekly budget of under £166 for two adults.

Black or black British populations were found to be at the highest risk of poverty, and were also the most likely to send money abroad. They also gave the highest share of their budget to charity, 2.5% compared to the average of 1.6%.

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