Giving White Paper: one year on

June 2012
HM Government


"One year on from the publication of the Giving White Paper, much has been achieved against the goals we originally set ourselves. We have made giving easier – through the roll-out of ATM giving and the investments of the Innovation in Giving fund. We have focussed on making giving more compelling – introducing new tax incentives and simplifications, match funding, and programmes aimed at encouraging social action at a young age. We are also supporting those who provide others with the opportunity to give – through the Social Action Fund and the Transforming Local Infrastructure fund. In the year ahead we aim to focus on three priorities that allow us to broaden the culture of giving and unlock the benefits that this opens up to charities and to givers themselves.
• We aim to stimulate social action to help solve social challenges – the allocation of £40 million for social action and social innovation will fund campaigns that can inspire and help millions.
• We will continue to establish giving as a social norm – encouraging closer connections between business and charity; getting serious about payroll giving; encouraging legacy giving and the next generation of givers; while doing more to value those who give.
• We will also continue to support the providers of opportunities – by helping them embrace innovation and demonstrate their impact.

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