Impact Investing: Who are we serving?

April 2017
Oxfam & Sumerian Partners
In summary, this report have found that:
  • Financial return targets do not reflect enterprise performance
  • Fund structures are not designed to meet the needs of most enterprises
  • The need for user-centred products supported by smart subsidy and patient capital
  • Lack of robust data is compounded by sales hype
  • Intentionality to achieve impact is getting side-lined
We strongly believe there is a positive way forward for impact investing and we provide several recommendations. The purpose of our report is not to undermine the objectives of impact investing.  But unless we start to understand the nature and capabilities of enterprises targeted by impact investors, we are concerned that a mismatch will emerge. 

This report is tagged under:

  • Next generation philanthropy
  • Promoting philanthropy
  • Social investment