UK Giving 2012

November 2012

UK Giving is an annual survey that began in 2004/5 and provides the latest research on individuals' giving to charity - how much is given, who the donors are, where the donations go and the trends over time. The survey is commissioned by the National Council for Voluntary Organisation (NCVO) and Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), and is carried out in three waves (June, October and February) by the Office of National Statistics as a module in the Omnibus survey. The survey interviews adults aged 16 and over in their homes about their giving over the past month, and typically has a sample size of more than 3,000.

Among this year's findings, the surveys shows a 20% decrease in giving. The estimated total amount donated to charity by adults in 2011/12 was £9.3 billion. Compared to 2010/11, this is a decrease of £1.7 billion in cash terms, and a decrease of £2.3 billion in real terms, after adjusting for inflation. In real terms, the estimated total amount in 2011/12 is the smallest it has been since the survey began in 2004/05. Between 2010/11 and 2011/12, the total amount donated has decreased by 15%on the unadjusted totals and by 20% in real terms (adjusting the 2010/11 total for inflation).

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