Accenture and PIMFA join forces to determine the future of the wealth industry.

Accenture and PIMFA join forces to determine the future of the wealth industry.

Accenture and PIMFA have recently teamed up to survey wealth management firms in eight European countries on current and emerging industry trends that we think our readers would find interesting. They report that:

  • Respondents to their survey saw the future of wealth management as being shaped by industry consolidation, new technologies and a talent shortage.
  • As a fourth theme, participants in the survey identified a need for more operational agility to be essential to capture the next wave of growth.
  • Becoming agile would require among others address clients’ increasing focus on ESG, improve the client experience, and realize hybrid advice models.

You can read the full report via the Accenture website here Creating the Wealth Management Firm of Tomorrow | Accenture

Here at Philanthropy Impact, we were support the findings and our research and intelligence has been telling us the same, particularly around client experience and expectations.  We are working hard to provide relevant solutions from our network of leading experts in how to give best practice advice, to meet your client’s needs for purpose driven wealth strategies that cross the spectrum of capital from philanthropy, through to social investment and then impact and sustainable investments that use ESG to determine risk.  

Practical steps Philanthropy Impact is taking to support you and your clients with their sustainable and purpose driven wealth strategies:

Training for Wealth Managers: 

Recently we launched our new CISI endorsed CPD certified training course, which addresses how to approach and undertake values based conversations with your clients in regards to their wealth, and then exploring how to begin to apply that to their strategies across the spectrum of capital.  This training has been design to support your personal development as the trusted advisor and really will be the differentiator as the client expectations evolve towards hybrid advice models. For more information on our training programme, being delivered in partnership with PIMFA them email Brighton Mazwi, Training Coordinator, 

Rising Stars Programme:

We are launching our Rising Stars programme, where we will work in partnership with member firms to empower the new generation of Professional Advisor workforce to meet client demand for values driven wealth strategies and investing for impact from the beginning of their careers. We know retaining talent is a key driver for firms, and our programme will look to ensure your professional advisors are able to achieve impact within their roles as the trusted advisor to long term clients.  For more information about this programme and how to become a provider please email Zofia Sochanik, Director Membership and Development, 

Launching the Directory of Resources with our partners:

A directory where clients and their advisors can find key players and experts in the sustainable finance and philanthropy space, alongside our partners we will aim to make it much easier to navigate your clients expectations and find trusted collaborators. To find about more about this, and who we are partnered with please contact our CEO John Pepin,

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