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BNP Paribas 2015 Individual Philanthropy Index

BNP Paribas 2015 Individual Philanthropy Index

The BNP 2015 Individual Philanthropy Index brings together the views of 400 global philanthropists, it reveals regioal trends in attitudes to philanthropy from HNW and UHNW individuals. Most striking are:

  • The rise in philanthropic activity and commitments worldwide between 2013-2015. The only region to show a slight dip was MENA with a slight decline in current and projected giving
  • A breakdown in the index between actual/committed giving, promotion of the cause and successful innovation - thus providing insights into regional attitudes towards philanthropy and social investment
  • The closing gap between US philanthropy levels and those in Europe. The US has traditionally been a world leader in the field, though now European giving is approaching a similar level, despite huge cultural differences
  • Global reliance on personal experience or friends and family is still a strong trend, however European results show a higher reliance on third party experts, philanthropy advice and private client advice. Europe also shows a trend towards greater collaboration and public evalutation of products, possibly to better navigate the complexity of available options (particularly with the dawn of impact investing products)
  • The index highlights the most common motivations and causes in different regions - from health, environment and education, to social change and religion
  • The report also discusses the importance of wealth advisers in this context - providing periodic reviews and evaluations, benckmarking and consistent impact metrics, plus due diligence and research support.

The full report, and related media can be accessed free of charge on BNP Paribas' website

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