Coutts International Million dollar Donor Report

Coutts International Million dollar Donor Report


The 2014 Coutts Million Dollar Donors Report tracks the number, size and beneficiaries of significant donations across the world. Broken down into seven regions: UK, USA, Russia, Missle East, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, the report presents and individual breakdown of each region to highligh some specific trends:

  • In the UK, foundations gave the greated number of significant donations, and the number of first-time million pound donors also rose
  • Higher education continues to be a popular cause in the USA, though signficant individual donations are also increasing the amount send overseas
  • In the Middle East, the most popular causes were overseas and outside of the region. This contrasts with Singaporean donors were all recipients were domestic.
  • Donations from corporates are the most significant by number in Russia, Hong Kong and China


It also notes current important global trends in major donor philanthropy:

  • Higher education organisations continue to be the main receipient of major donations across the world
  • Individuals are more significant donors than corporations and foundations
  • Foundations are becoming increasingly popular destinations for significant donations, with the amount received increasing year on year

The report also contains a number of inspirational case studies and interviews with individuals on their motivations, experiences and the causes they choose to support. It acts to celebrate and inspire major philanthropy around the world, and to suggest that the philanthropy sector is becoming increasingly visible and organised.


Detailed information, individual interviews and infographics can be downloaded from Coutts' website

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