DECODED: Blended Finance in Action in Asia

DECODED: Blended Finance in Action in Asia

Our members the Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society, CAPS, have published their DECODED and this issue explains what blended finance is and how it is deployed in Asia.  The initiatives emerging in this region illustrate how blended finance can be a win-win strategy to pool private and public capital and bridge a yawning funding gap in the wake of Covid-19.

Their DECODED series unpacks, explains and crystallizes issues critical for social investment in Asia. It draws upon their expertise in research and access to an extensive network of sector experts and philanthropists in 18 Asian economies. This enables them to identify emerging trends in the region. Through DECODED, they translate these concepts into digestible insights.

You can download the full report on the CAPS website here DECODED: Blended Finance in Action in Asia (

Keep an eye on our upcoming events where we will be demystifying Blended Finance, and exploring what professional advisors need to know to support their clients.

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