Fundraising in Europe: A Decade of Change

Fundraising in Europe: A Decade of Change


This report was produced by the European Fundraising Association (EFA) in 2013 as a survey of national fundraising associations

It highlights the resilience of not-for-profit income over the financial crisis, with levels of giving maintaining a steady flow. It details the importance of traditional sources of fundraising despite the grows of many new forms and technologies. The report also discusses the changes in the role of government over the last decade: the evolution of tax incentives for charitable giving, VAT relief and data protection legislation.

Respondents to the study were also asked about the development of the philanthropy sector, citing its professional development as a particular positive in the industry (despite gaps are more senior levels). Concerns about he potential for growth and meeting the demands of transparency, accoutnability and public trust in the sector, are both challenges that will continue into the next decade.


The report can be downloaded for free from the EFA website

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