Practical Guide to Planning and Managing an Impactful Exit

Practical Guide to Planning and Managing an Impactful Exit


This guide proposes some guidance on how organisations can think ahead of time to plan an exit strategy from their investments, while best maintaining the social impact originally planned. An exit of funders in this field presents risks different and complex than the traditional field of investment and in its worst case, could threaten the survival of some social partners. 

The guide should propose relevant guidance to social sector funders, and draws on examples from 24 organisations and experts.  It outlines a five step process to develop and implement an exit strategy and outlines how to strengthen a social purpose organisation so that it is exit-ready and prepared for what comes next.

The guide is grounded in practitioner experience and proposes a solid practical knowledge base for what does and doesn’t work when it comes to exits from social investment.


The guide can be downloaded for free from the EVPA website (signup required) or ordered in hard copy for €50


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A practical guide to planning and managing an impactful exit