Smart Giving: a guide to donating

Smart Giving: a guide to donating

Smart Giving is a report created by Barclays in response to demand from clients for information on what they need to know before donating to feel confident that their donation will be well-spent. It encourages those giving to charity (or raising money) to look for information from charities – both to understand how the charity works and what impact they achieve, and to help them assess how the charity is managed and run.

Smart Giving is the first guide of its type, and, while it will be used as part of Barclays Client Philanthropy Service for high net worth clients, it covers useful information for anyone who is considering donating more than £100 (or fundraising more than £100 which will be given as a donation) to charity.

Smart Giving aims to help readers understand the right questions to ask to ascertain how their money will be used, how to form a view on whether a charity is well-managed financially and operationally, and how to ensure that their personal data is protected and will not be re-used or sold without their permission.

The guide also contains tips on how to link the level of information individuals seek from a charity to the scale of the donation they wish to make. If you are interested in reading the report an learning more: follow this link.

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