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WINGS Transparency and Accountability Toolkit

WINGS Transparency and Accountability Toolkit

WINGS, Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support, have produced a guide for international grantmakers and organisations on how to better approach issues of accountability and transparency in philanthropy. The document is derived from a number of interviews conducted in Bogota, Cairo and Johannesbburg. The document is designed to provide best practice advice both for domestic giving, and for cross-border philanthropy issues where organisations and states don't necessarily share the same standards with their partners. Many contributors bring experiences from the global South , providing very useful insights into international philanthropy outside of the US and Europe.

WINGS describe the importance of transparency and accountability in terms of keeping philanthropy true to its origins and its value base. "Simply put, it is a practice that ensures we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, that we are doing a reasonably good job of it, and that there is fairness in how we do it.". The report highlights the role of access and participation in the level of accountability an organisation can demonstrate, suggesting that increasing dialogue with individuals can reinforce and support further efforts to increase transparency of grantmaking organisations.

The guide can be downloaded free of charge here, and an accompanying webinar is available on Youtube


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