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At Philanthropy Impact we are seeing increasing evidence to confirm, what we have always known, that meeting client expectations around environmental and social impact are one of the key challenging...

Barry Knight’s Literature Review tracks international development trends since 1945. ...


The Golden Bottle Trust, set up in 1985 to further the philanthropic aims of the Hoare family and the bank, has named Philanthropy Impact as one of their collaboration partners in their work...


CAF’s UK Giving research is the largest study of giving behaviour in the UK, interviewing a representative sample of the public...

Expert opinion
Change. Impact. Transformation. Progress. No matter what you call it, we philanthropists are obsessed with it. Some use harder metrics than others, but ‘change’, it seems, is the way we...
Greengage Global Holding Ltd


Greengage aspires to be a digital merchant bank that provides a platform of relationship-based banking services to digital companies, SMEs, and HNWIs to the highest ethical, secure, and compliance standards. Bridging traditional financial services and digital innovations in crypto...

Rathbone Greenbank Investments

We understand how financial and ethical issues can be integrated in the management of a client’s portfolio. For us, ethical investment is not one strategy among many, it is ingrained in every aspect of how we manage money.

Our vision is to empower our clients to invest their money as a...

About the Index The Charity Resilience Index focuses on three key dimensions: charity income, demand for services, and operational costs. Charities were asked to rate their confidence on the following...