You might find some of these reports useful. Some reports are held as PDF documents within the site and others link to other sites.

Cabinet Office
The Cabinet Office has commissioned a report on the theme of social enterprises based on the 2012 Small Business Survey (SBS). SBS is a large-scale telephone survey of business owners...
Institute for Philanthropy
In February this year, the Gates Foundation announced that the Giving Pledge, founded by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates in 2010, would for the first time extend its...
South African Institute for Advancement
The Philanthropy Insights Report is based on research aimed at furthering the overall understanding of philanthropy in South Africa. The report was written in collaboration with various philanthropic experts from...
The Hudson Institute
Philanthropic Freedom: A Pilot Study aims to help countries identify policy changes that will encourage philanthropy. It examines the barriers and incentives for individuals and organisations to donate resources to...
Harvard Business Review
A growing trend of impact-focused investors is emerging from developing countries, according to the recent Global Philanthropy Forum, held in California, USA. Between 2002 and 2013, the GDP of developing...
BBC World News
BBC World News has been presenting a series looking at the changing patterns of wealth across the globe. Changing Fortunes looked at the effect of the liberalisation of India, the...
Kaifeng Foundation
There are more than 76,000 foundations in the USA with combined assets of over half a trillion dollars and giving away around 47 billion dollars each year. A paper written...
Nonprofit Quarterly
A write up of the donor only event held on the 06 May 2013, by The Philanthropy Roundtable. The event looked at the extent and quality of services for veterans.
CFA Institute
"Too few financial advisers take the initiative when it comes to engaging clients on the question of philanthropy. Yet, having a meaningful conversation about charitable giving is an effective way...
Civil Society
One of Civil Society's 9 part Charity Awards series, this report examines the role of the board in encouraging innovation, and provides case studies to illustrate good practice.