Cross-Border Giving

This section contains information on specific countries in downloadable PDF format. If the country you are particularly interested in has not been included, then please forward your request by email


Like many European countries, Belgian law allows for two basic forms of non-profit organisations, the association and the foundation.  Associations can take a number of legal forms: the non-profit association (in French: ASBL or in Flemish: VZW) and the international non-profit association, (in...


Two specific legal forms are prescribed for non-profits, associations and foundations, each with its own legal framework.. Foundations can be divided into public foundations established in accordance with the Austrian federal law on foundations, which possess permanent assets dedicated to the...


Australia has a common law system which includes the legal concept of charity and charitable trusts. The federal government, state authorities and territories all have legislation enabling the creation of non-profit organizations and the most common organizational forms are Incorporated...