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Crisis in Afghanistan As the world watches the situation in Afghanistan unfold, it’s clear that the recent transfer of power from the former Afghan government has caused immense uncertainty across...

WINGS have produced a guide for international grantmakers and organisations on how to better approach issues of accountability and transparency in philanthropy

Anheier, Helmut K and David Winder
Helpful, practical advice when developing philanthropic strategies
This report comes from a partnership between the consultancy and thinktank New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) and Copal Partners in India, a leading provider of financial analysis, business intelligence and research...
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This report argues that donors face a number of barriers when giving internationally due to the lack of independent information on charities operating in developing countries and the vast scale of human suffering and environmental degradation, which can be overwhelming...
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A companion report to Giving in India , the primary goal of this report is to help donors who care about Indian children to understand what the funding priorities are, and to identify organisations they might want to support. It...