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Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are a well-established vehicle for philanthropy in the United States – where contributions to DAFs reached $23.27 billion in 2016 1 – and their popularity in the...
New Philanthropy Capital (NPC)
NPC exists to make charities and funders more successful in achieving their missions.
Buzzacott Chartered Accountants
Buzzacott is a Top 25 UK accountancy firm based in London, providing expertise in a wide range of services including corporate and personal tax.
Bellagio Initiative
This report makes a number of key recommendations to philanthropic and development organisations. They are: Build new development theories, through work with people on the ground, that have global-ownership and...
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This book, based on Dr. Koele's PhD dissertation, addresses the complex international tax barriers facing philanthropic organisations. The book begins by defining the scope of the study including the concept of "landlock", political philosophies behind tax relief for philanthropic organisations...
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This report argues that donors face a number of barriers when giving internationally due to the lack of independent information on charities operating in developing countries and the vast scale of human suffering and environmental degradation, which can be overwhelming...