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Reference books are always useful. In this list some books have been reviewed whilst others are listed as recommended reading.

Centre for Social and Sustainable Products (CSSP)
This year the Enabling Microfinance Fund (EMF) initiative celebrates its 6th anniversary. To mark this special occasion, the Enabling Microfinance Foundation and CSSP AG Liechtenstein hosted an event on 19th May 2014 in London to launch a new guide to philanthropy: My Impact - Fundamentals of Modern Philanthropy.
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Concluding nearly 19 years as president of the Surdna foundation, Edward Skloot looks back on a period of rapid change in American philanthropy, social policy, politics and civic ideals. Building on his experience as grant-seeker and foundation chief executive, Skloot...
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The purpose of this handbook is to assist colleges and universities in implementing investment policies that consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. It discusses the four principal ESG strategies: shareholder advocacy, community investing, positive and negative social screening, and...
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It is always good to declare one’s biases so I confess that I picked up this book expecting to find it weak on substance and, at best, inadequate. Scathing reviews of the book helpfully provided by people who knew I...
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This collection of essays is designed to show the ‘hidden history’ of women's involvement in the charitable sector and discusses how women are using philanthropy to achieve social change. Contributions from thirty female leaders and thinkers give the book an...
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This report distills the learning and experience of foundations that have used evaluation effectively in order to provide clear guidance to those that are still searching for useful practices. The authors note that, increasingly, foundations are moving beyond traditional third-party...
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This report assesses current attitudes to philanthropy amongst high-net-worth individuals in the financial sector and argues that financial services professionals have the wealth and skills to make them leaders in the development of a national culture of philanthropy. The authors...
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Written by a former director of Philanthropy UK, this book provides a comprehensive review of all aspects of fundraising for cultural organizations, including sections on donor research, events, legacies, board development and tax issues. Case studies demonstrate best practice and...
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This book works through the building blocks for developing a programme of major gift giving, including strategy, research, cultivation, making the ask and good stewardship once the cheque is received. No quick results are promised, the foreword warns, "There are...
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This is a ‘fundraisers’ bible’. Essential reference containing information on the grant-giving, deadlines, contact details and advice for applicants of the largest UK trusts and foundations.