Introduction The objective of this working paper is to provide a ‘bird’s eye view’ reference guide to the UK ESG Investing Ecosystem by summarising and explaining the key relevant definitions,...
Expert opinion
Recent research shows Millennials are nearly twice as likely to donate to charity than those aged 55+ (79 per cent compared to 42 per cent)1. There are currently 13.8million people...
JustGiving & Social Misfits Media
JustGiving and Social misfits media have issued a report on the relationship between fundraising and social media. It represents useful reading for any organisation looking to launch social media profiles,...
Give as you Live
Almost a third of UK charity supporters say that social media campaigns have inspired them to give, according to the Give as you Live Donor Survey. Interaction with charities via...
Charities Aid Foundation
CAF is a charity dedicated to getting the best for other charities and their donors. For over 80 years, CAF has found the most effective and efficient ways to connect donors to the causes that matter to them and for money to get where it’s needed.
A new report on the use of digital technology to boost fundraising and encourage philanthropy in the arts sector has been published by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport...
Book List
The UK’s fundraising guru, Ken Burnett, says of this book, “I’ve seen the future; it’s previewed in Digital Giving. You can either be scared or ignorant of what’s coming, or learn how to love and use it”. This book is...