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Reference books are always useful. In this list some books have been reviewed whilst others are listed as recommended reading.

Merlin Waterson and Samantha Wyndham with a foreword by Professor Sir David Cannadine
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This two-volume book, funded by the Rootstein Hopkins Foundation, is an exciting addition to the current literature on both arts philanthropy and more generally the philanthropic landscape in the UK. Volume 1 contains an extensive case study of the history...
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The foreword to this edited volume correctly notes that, “Analytically constructed studies of philanthropy are in short supply” and books that do appear tend to be either “self-congratulatory, mostly boring insider accounts” or “shrill denunciations by outsiders” . Yet as...
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After nearly two decades as president of the Surdna foundation, Edward Skloot looks back on a period of rapid change in American philanthropy, social policy, politics and civic ideals.
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Critical of the great majority of foundations who are said to fall short of fulfilling their potential, the authors seek to encourage foundations to change and improve.
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This is a collection of essays by ‘retiring philanthropy professionals’ in the world of US foundations.
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Foundations are said to be a peculiarly American institution that provide a vital spur to the global economy yet are cloaked in secrecy.