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Expert opinion
A response to “Giving by the super-rich could be perpetuating social inequality, academics conclude” Stephen Delahunty published an article in Third Sector entitled ‘Giving by the super-rich could be perpetuating...
Russell-Cooke Solicitors
The Russell-Cooke Family Office has published a report highlighting the current changing dynamics and shifting landscape for families. Generation Game – The Great Wealth Transfer and the Outlook for Families...
Introduction The objective of this working paper is to provide a ‘bird’s eye view’ reference guide to the UK ESG Investing Ecosystem by summarising and explaining the key relevant definitions,...
Expert opinion
This interview is part of the Feminist Giving IRL series. 1. What do you wish you had known when you started out in your profession? I’ve been working with and...
Les fondations actionnaires: un model d'avenir pour perenniser la mission de l'entreprise Qui sait que Tata (Inde), Bosch ou Bertelsmann (Allemagne) , Rolex (Suisse), Ikea (Suède), Carlsberg (Danemark), ou Pierre...
This first European study aims to open a new path and objectively reveal how an innovative new economic model functions, one that makes no distinction between giving and investment, responsibility...
Resonance Ltd

We believe that one day, aligning profits with social impact will be the norm.

We are one of the UK's leading social impact investment companies. Since 2002 we have worked with over 165 social enterprises and charities, enabling them to raise capital to grow their impact, and make a...

National Philanthropic Trist (NPT) UK
This report was prepared by National Philanthropic Trust UK in collaboration with Cath Dovey, an independent consultant and Co-founder of the Beacon Collaborative, which seeks to increase the level of...
Nesta’s Arts & Culture Finance (UK), Upstart Co-Lab (US), and Fundación Compromiso ( Argentina)
Nesta’s Arts & Culture Finance (UK), Upstart Co-Lab (US), and Fundación Compromiso (Argentina) launched the Creativity, Culture & Capital: Impact investing in the global creative economy . T his collection...
Peter Vogel, Etienne Eichenberger, Malgorzata Kurak