It Ain’t What You Give It’s The Way That You Give It: Making charitable donations that get results (2012)

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Giving Evidence, 2012. 262pp. ISBN 978-0-9571633-0-0. £16.01.

Caroline Fiennes
Giving Evidence, 2012. 262pp. ISBN 978-0-9571633-0-0. £16.01.

The quirky price of this book reflects not only the famous Charitable Uses Act of 1601, whose influence is still felt on the shape and nature of the UK charity sector, but it also gives a hint at the quirky approach and writing style of the author, who draws on her extensive experience as a charity leader and an adviser to a range of individual and institutional philanthropists. The premise of this book is that not all charities are equal – that some make better use of donations than others -  and that it is possible (indeed, essential) to learn how to work out which ones to support. The author conveys basic principles for good giving, alongside huge amounts of common sense insights into the nature of charities and how donors can best support them to improve the world. For donors – big or small – seeking to improve the effectiveness of their giving, this is £16.01 well spent.


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