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Philanthropy Impact is a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation. We work with many strategic partners to shape the philanthropy, social investment, and impact space, and to ensure that together we can be as impactful as possible.

 John Pepin, CEO, Philanthropy Impact

Philanthropy Impact is a unique non-profit organisation at the intersection between philanthropy, social investment, and ESG and impact investment; promoting a world where individuals and families engage in values-driven ESG/impact investment, philanthropy and social investment; supported by professional advisors.

We are a membership network that is thriving, innovative, catalytic, and socially entrepreneurial; creating opportunities for societal and environmental impact while fulfilling our mission to increase and improve philanthropy and social investment and encourage impact investing. 

Our membership is composed of private client professional advisors to (U)HNWI e.g. investment professionals and financial planners, private client advisors, wealth management, private banking, independent financial advice, tax and legal sectors; as well as individual philanthropists, social investors and ESG/impact investors, trusts and foundations, charities and social enterprises.

Our mission is to increase the flow of capital for good by enabling private clients and their families to match their purpose driven wealth strategies with their values, capturing their sustainable, social and impact investment and philanthropy preferences across the spectrum of capital.

Our vision is a world where individuals and families engage in values driven investment and philanthropy, supported by professional advisors.


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