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Legacy Giving

During this episode, we discussed research about growing high-value legacy giving with a special focus on private client professional advisors (wealth management, private banking, tax and legal sectors) and how legacy giving conversations with clients can benefit advisors, their firms, their clients, beneficiaries, and charities. It will include what advice is given to high value clients by private client professional advisors and how it fits into discussions as they explore ‘money for good’ along the spectrum of capital.

The purpose of legacy giving will be explored including the provision of long-term support to charities in a tax-efficient way to the benefit of charities and the donor



Events Details:

Thursday 28 September 2023 04:00 PM

Walk in My Shoes


Rennie Hoare, Partner and Head of Philanthropy, C Hoare & Co


Lucinda Frostick, Chief Executive Officer Remember A Charity

Rebecca Cretney, Investment Counsellor, Nedbank,

Clare Stirzaker, Private Wealth Partner, Boodle Hatfield