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Lobbying for Policies and Regulations

Philanthropy Impact’s advocacy is designed to ensure the voice of advisory firms and their private clients are heard among policy makers and in government.

We have established a Public Affairs Committee, as a standing committee of our Board, composed of professional advisers who are passionate about making philanthropy and social investment easier and more accessible for their clients.

We have had extensive activities in this area with various government departments (Treasury, HMRC, Cabinet Office) and with the charity sector as part of our collaborative efforts.

With the support and expertise of a large group of professional advisers we have established extensive policy recommendations about:

Taxation Principles: encouraging private assets to be used for public good

Enhancing the Toolkit for Professional Advisers including simplification and innovations such as Inheritance Tax Relief, the Cultural Gift Scheme, Charitable Remainder Gift, Personal Pension Giving, Charitable ISAs, and Hybrid Loan-Endowments

Recommendations on every tax relief

All papers are available on request by emailing

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Whether you are a grassroots operational charity or a grant-making foundation, maximising your impact will be your key driver. We support charities and foundations to be effective in the social good they seek by offering services that help education, inform, and bring like-minded people together. 

We do this by

Offering a platform to share best practice.

Providing a platform to educate philanthropist and social investors.

Distributing specialised training sessions that focus on overcoming the barriers to giving.

Sharing research and impactful story-telling with our networks to educate and inspire.

Creating a series of networking events that delve deep into the issues we are facing, how to achieve impact and how to collaborate.

Click here to see Barclays report on barriers to giving.

Our Changemakers...the Public Affairs Committee


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